Digitalization and The Importance of Social Media

At the end of my reasearch I found some interesting statistics and illustrations of how social media and the digitalization of brands has led to a different marketing sphere. One of the  main positives of online marketing is that it can be potentially alot cheaper and  more effective than traditional marketing. This is a possibility for young creative start-ups with a tiny budget to potentially succeed with their campaign and to get noticed. The main objective within our project was to find the most cost-effective way to promote our entrepreneur’s brand. The decision was easy: The brand has to embrace digitalization and realise the importance of social media.

Infact end of 2012 embraced for the first time popular search engine giant Google earning more than traditional print media in the US. The illustration can be found here:

Gepinntes Bild

With the rapid change of how brands can market themselves, it is our highest priority as a team to figure out how efficient a digital marketing strategy can be. The rapid change in how many people can be reached via marketing in this day and age is shown in this interesting video:


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