Fancy Infographic – Fast, Cheap and Well-done


Senseless and too time consuming?

Seth Godin already stated it years ago in his Meatball-Sundae Picture:

The meatballs are traditional products and services that have been marketed the old-fashioned ways and the toppings are the new marketing methods like social media platforms, i.e. myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube…


Please have a look at this video…freaky but remarkable. Just Seth Godin’s style 😉

It clearly states, that you should not follow every trend and find an appropriate way, specified for your business. What brings me to the next point…

Social Media can be a crucial instrument for small businesses:

Developing a social media presence is essential in today’s business world. Small business owners may find it difficult to devote time to create and manage content on this new channel. With the help of a strategic plan and good marketing sense, any business can successfully set up and manage a social media presence.



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  1. I find this article very interesting. I think that social media has additionally changed the way businesses communicate as well as understand their demographic – it’s a more “personal” channel. There is an interesting article here about the growing role of omni channel strategies:

    By the way that video is truly informative as well as entertaining 😉

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