Why is everything taught in school, besides how to deal with money ?

“I had two fathers. One was very rich, the other was very poor. The poor one got his college degree, finished his university and and got a doctor´s title. The rich one never finished grade 8. Both men were very successful in their careers and have worked very hard. One of them achieved a fair amount of wealth, while the other one was in financial trouble all the time. When they died, one left a fortune that his family could live from, while the other one left lots of bills”

Robert Kyosaki is an investor who grew up with two fathers: One encouraged him to go to school, get good grades, finish his university and get a good job. His other father encouraged him to go for what he wanted, study hard and learn from life and mistakes.

One said: Study hard to find a company that you can work in. The other one said: Study hard to find a company that you can buy. One saved every cent that he could get. The other one invested his savings.  One thaught him to write an impressive CV to find a good job, the other one taught him to write a good businessplan to create jobs.


As children of our parents, we are product of our parental environment. In school we get taught so many things that we dont need later in life. One important topic that contributes enormously to a person´s success and happiness in life, is to learn how to deal well with money. In terms of money, many people travel on the wrong path because they got never taught how to deal with it or they simply dont care.

The school system leaves lots of room for improvement: One of these rooms could adress how to deal with money…

Information taken from: Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kyosaki



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  1. Sehr schön zu lesen. Eine witzige Geschichte die uns zeigt, dass jedes Problem auch als herausforderung, jeder Verdienst auch als neue Investitionsmöglichkeit gesehen werden kann. Es Obliegt jedem einzelnen HOW TO DEAL WITH THEIR MONEY.

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