Create Ideas Worth Talking About


The Purple Cow Story

Starting to wonder how it is possible that most of the ’’new & revolutionary’’ concepts already existed for years. Seeming to spread as soon as someone found a good way to market it at the right point of time – creating value to the customer with a present idea.

So what makes an idea, a remarkable idea?

Everyday life with too many options and too little time. Living in an economy barely willing to invest – you have to be remarkable! Ordinary stuff gets ignored.

At least when you ask Marketing Guru Seth Godin, an entertaining entrepreneur and blogger, who discovers different ways how to market ideas in the digital age, clearly pointing out the truth:

In order to get our attention, bad & bizzare ideas work better than boring ones.

Summing up his three main points:
1) Design Rules Now
2) Safe Is Risky
3) Very Good Is Bad


If you now think the foggy weather confused my mind – Have a look yourself here.


  1. The image of purple cow represents quite well extraordinary ideas. Its a nice example.

  2. Bizzare ideas definitely add an interesting aspect to the way companies market their products.

    “In order to get our attention, bad & bizzare ideas work better than boring ones.”

    I think this idea is definitely relevant in the marketing world. With a short attention span, how can a product stand out from the crowd? The recent “Theft of Leibniz Keks” story has been worth over 1.5 million according to experts. Even a marketing agency have offered the “thieves” a job. Yes, the crazier the better it seems!

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