Welcome to K-otics! Introductions: First Thoughts on Strategy

Hallo Gruppe! Hier ist eure Webmasterin glasses Das ist unser Preview Template – ihr könnt es auch mobil ansehen. Ich tue bald die Vorlage für unsere Posts hier drin. – T


At the start I would like to take a look at strategies in business. What truly makes a company succesful? Is a “company strategy based solely on high profits, just high profits” truly the path to victory?

I started by taking a look at Liz Neumark   a female entrepreneur who created Great Performance, a NY-based culinary catering company.  Starting off as a job on the side, which strategies did Ms Neumark use to flourish her business.

Neumark lists five great attributes in this Forbes article but the most compelling attribute is:

Figure out what’s most meaningful to you and make that the core of what you do.

In the following weeks I will be looking at different strategies especially in the fashion industry; to determine which factors are most important for true  success in business.


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  1. Ja, wer kann der kann 😀

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